Our orthodontist and team can use braces and clear aligners to improve the alignment of your smile. We also offer many types of orthodontic appliances in Yorktown and Gloucester, Virginia, that can make your braces more effective, resolve issues that cannot be addressed by braces alone and help ensure that you enjoy lasting benefits from your visits. For more information, and to plan your free consultation with Dr. Nick Pappas, contact Pappas Orthodontics.

Elastics is the clinical name for the rubber bands that are used with braces. Combined with your braces, they help your upper and lower teeth meet each other correctly. We will give you instructions on how to wear your elastics to help you get the most out of your treatment.

Forsus Appliances
In order to promote proper jaw growth and fix bite issues, such as overbites, our orthodontist may suggest fitting you or your child with a Forsus appliance. This treatment approach may take anywhere from six to nine months and involves attaching springs to bands on the upper molars. The appliance will gradually move the jaw into the proper position.

In some instances, more than braces or appliances may be needed to correct a bad bite or related problem. We offer orthodontic headgear to guide your jaws, teeth and face into their optimal positions. Our orthodontist will determine which of the two types of appliances are best for you or your child.

Herbst Appliances
A discreet alternative to traditional headgear, a Herbst appliance is attached to your molars and connects your upper and lower jaws with a metal tube. Over the course of approximately 12 months, the appliance will move your jaw into the correct alignment.

MARA Appliances
MARA appliances are designed to correct problems, such as overbites or overjets, caused by improper alignment of the molars. The appliance helps promote forward growth of the lower jaw while it applies gentle pressure to push the upper jaw back.

Palatal Expanders
Although this appliance is often used for children, in some cases, adults may also benefit from using one. If your upper and lower teeth do not properly meet, our orthodontist can use this appliance to gently expand your upper palate to improve the alignment, function, health and even appearance of your smile.

This appliance is often the second-to-last part of your treatment plan. It adds the finishing touch to your treatment by completing the repositioning of your teeth.

A retainer is the last step in your treatment. This appliance is designed to ensure that your teeth and jaw ligaments properly settle into their new positions. You may need to wear your retainer for a specific amount of time, or you may need to wear it for life. Our orthodontist will give you instructions on when to wear your retainer and how to store and care for it.

Also known as spacers, separators are placed between your molars. The separators will give our orthodontist the space needed to properly place your bands for your braces during the next appointment at our office. Please follow our instructions about diet and dental hygiene to ensure that your separators can do their job.

Twin Block Appliances
This treatment involves using a pair of acrylic blocks that are attached to the upper molars and lower bicuspids. These appliances are most effective when used with children or young teenagers whose jaws have not finished growing and developing. They are used to address severe malocclusion issues by moving the lower jaws forward when the mouth is closed.